Tarot Tattoo Project

Tarot Tuesday For those of you who follow card reading services on social media, you'll know that #tarottuesday has become a big thing!! Now I've created my own version of the day with a project I'm hoping to complete within a couple years!! I've loved Tarot cards since before I can remember, especially finding connection in the art work. I'm hoping to design and tattoo EVERY card within a two year period 💪 This includes both major arcana AND minor!!

All of these designs will be offered at a flat discounted rate and only done* once. Claim a design as I post it, or if you have a particular card in mind and I haven't designed it yet, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to jump on it! All pieces are to be done in full colour, unless otherwise stated. Due to the uniqueness of this project and the amount of research, work, symbolism, and heart that goes into each design, they are not up for modification.

*Done means finished. For any reason should someone not want to finish a piece in a timely manner, it will be redone on someone who is willing to get it to completion.

Click on each image to zoom, then hover over each design to read a full description of the card, price, and availability!