Tattoo FAQ's

  • How much does a tattoo cost? Each tattoo is charged on an hourly rate. I am currently charging $125/hr+tax. I have a shop minimum of $100 for any small pieces that take less than an hour. After that, you will be charged $125/hr with 1/2 hour increments or take advantage of my Day Rate $800+tax. The Day Rate is a great deal if you plan on sitting 6+hours! Should you book the Day Rate, but “tap out” early, a minimum of 4 hours at the hourly rate will be due. These prices include the design work put into your custom piece! All services have an added 5% GST tax, cause the government. Pfft.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    To book an appointment, please send a direct email to

    As a one woman operation, it can become hard to keep everything organized. To keep things moving smoothly and efficiently, please make sure your email includes the following:

    -Your full name, first & last
    -Contact info, email & phone number
    -A brief description of the tattoo you are wanting, to the best of your abilities
    -Body placement & approximate size in inches
    -Style you are wanting ie, dotwork, colour, black & grey etc
    -Any reference photos you are wanting to share

    It may take anywhere from 5 minutes - a full week before I am able to respond, so please be patient with me! I respond to every single inquiry I receive, so if you don't hear from after 2 weeks please try again, or on another forum! Sometimes emails get lost on their path to my inbox.

  • A consultation (free of charge) can then be arranged if necessary. Once an appointment date has been set, your booking requires a $100* deposit in order to secure your appointment. If a custom design was required for your appointment, you will receive a preview of the image the day/night before your appointment. This is your chance to request any small changes you want to see. If large changes are required, we re-book your appointment for a later date. *For large or small pieces, the deposit price may change.

  • What’s the deal with deposits? All appointments require a deposit, no exception. A deposit is put in place to hold and secure your appointment. All deposits are non-refundable once given, no exceptions. They are put in place in case the client does not show up to their appointment or cancels, so the time put into designing and the work lost can be compensated for. The deposit comes off the total price of the tattoo ONCE it is finished. This means that if you have a large piece requiring multiple appointments, it will come off the price of the very last appointment once the whole piece is finished, no exceptions. If you are needing to reschedule your appointment, there must be at least 48 hours notice in order to keep your deposit. Less than 48 hours results in a lost deposit, and your new appointment will require a new one, no exceptions. Deposits can be held for a max of 2 months without a new appointment being rescheduled. Of course there are emergencies in life, and these will be given exceptions. Deposits are due UPON booking an appointment.
    ***Showing up to an appointment with a sunburn will result in the appointment cancelled and the deposit lost. 

  • Do you take debit? I take credit card, cash, and e-transfer but I do not take debit.

  • Can I stop in to talk without an appointment? Do you have hours? Please do not do this. I run purely appointment based, in a small private office downtown. I am only in the shop when I have appointments, otherwise I am not there. Consultations are free of charge and free of pressure, so please book one with me =] If you have an appointment booked, PLEASE do not come more than ten minutes prior to your appointment time.

  • Can I bring in my own tattoo design? This is both a yes and a no. If your design is a photo of a tattoo you found on Pinterest or Google, you may give it to me as a reference picture, but please do not expect me to copy this. This is plagiarism AKA stealing. The person wearing that tattoo paid good money and time to get a custom and unique piece for themselves. The original tattoo artist put time, energy, and heart into that design and is their intellectual property (not to mention ACTUAL copyright laws) and it wouldn’t be very fair of me to not put in effort of my own. Besides, wouldn’t you rather a unique, one-of-a-kind piece for yourself that's all yours?? The same applies to designs you, your sister, your friend, or your cousin drew. I may use it as a reference, but I will not promise to copy it (there are absolutely exceptions to this statement however, such as sentimental purposes) Tattoo design is more than what looks good on paper. There is body flow, aesthetic, and technical properties that come into tattoo design work. I also have a specific style, and can not attempt to match someone elses. Seriously, I’ve tried. Stills comes off as a “Kya” haha I would imagine that if you are booking with me, it’s because you’re a fan of my work, no? If it is a doodle your child made, an image from a Visual Artist (NOT tattoo artist) a parents handwriting, cartoon, etc then absolutely, it would be my pleasure to do this for you!!

  • Can I pay you for a tattoo design without an appointment? Definitely not. The cost of design work is included in the tattoo appointment. I do not have extra time to put in hours of design work without a tattoo appointment made. I draw designs for my clients and bookings only.

  • Where are you located? The address is 19c 9th Ave S, Cranbrook, BC and the space is called the Brook Centre. This the same building as the B-104 and The Drive radio stations, directly across from Bodytalk. PLEASE make an appointment before showing up!! Even if it’s only for a 5 minute chat.

  • What are your hours? As stated before, I work appointment only so I don’t really have hours, but my schedule does have some constants. I do not work Sundays & Mondays, generally working Tuesdays-Fridays, and I will work 1-2 Saturdays a month. I do not do late evening appointments. If a day appointment runs into the evenings this is perfectly fine, or if you are wanting a small tattoo, this can be discussed at a reasonable time. I am certainly not rigid about working hours, but I do keep healthy boundaries for my own sanity.

  • Do you tattoo minors? With legal parental consent, yes. I will tattoo 16 &17 year olds, and no younger. The parent or legal guardian MUST be present to sign the waiver, and picture ID’s of the minor and guardian must be provided proving relationship. If there are different last names or other discrepancies, please provide another form of proof of the relationship: school letters, birth certificate, legal documents, etc. I reserve the right to refuse service should I believe it to be a bad choice. Absolutely no hand, finger, face, neck & chest tattoos will be given to minors.

  • Can I make payments on my tattoo? Short answer is no. Any money received prior to an appointment will be considered a deposit, and is therefore non-refundable. I encourage clients to put their tattoo money in a savings account or a jar or in their mattress or something. Once handed to me, all monies are non-refundable so I don’t feel entirely comfortable taking larger amounts than necessary. Payments can not be made once the tattoo is done. All money owing MUST be paid at the end of every appointment.

*** I am still building the page, so if there are questions or topics you feel I should add to the FAQ’s to make your inquiries easier, please let me know!! Much appreciated <3