Send The Nude....

**WARNING. Partial nudity is shown at the end of this post, and plenty of talk about sexuality, genitals and generally loving on yo fine self***

Apparently a status I made last week has some people SHOOK. 
Frankly, I LOVE that!! To me it means my mere existence and how I choose to live it is creating questions and perspectives others may not have dared explore before. 
Living in my full Goddess (self) worship, opens avenues for others, whether they choose to step forth on that path or not. 


Some good friends of ours asked my husband if I was on drugs...HA! 
Heehee oh darlings, I AM my best drug.

I'm learning to bite into my juicy, delicious Strawberry as often as I can.

To indulge in the essence of self, the euphoria of ME, and the absolute pleasure that is my sensual being. Especially on the days that I don't want to. 

In learning to celebrate myself, I am also finding a desire to celebrate with others; to share my success in self-love & acceptance. 

So I send the nudes. Platonic nudes. 

I share a full frontal in my group chats with my girlfriends, not with the intent of sexting, or praise, or even equal exchange. I send it because I'm FEEEEEEELING it baby!! And I want to share that exquisite, indulgent feeling; as if by sharing that feeling of self-love may rub-off some and my girlfriends may get a taste of loving themselves too. 

By loving yourself, you allow others to do the same. 

In a world that consumes and gets rich off of body shaming and insecurities, it is truly a rebellion to love yourself. Our western culture shames nudity and sexuality, while simultaneously exploiting it for consumerism. Reclaiming your body and normalizing the HUMAN body is an act of POWERFUL communal medicine. 

Sisters uplifting Sisters. Brothers raising Brothers. This is truly the kind of medicine our world needs. 

Genitals. They're unique and beautiful and powerful and Divine. Each set as different and full of personality as their owner, and should be celebrated joyously! Women, we house the gardens of life within our bodies. We are the portals between worlds, the givers of life, the doorway through which souls are reincarnated. Men, you hold the key to unlocking that doorway, the seeds to plant in our gardens, the fertilizer of life. How can these beautiful and POWERFUL bits of ourselves be worthy of anything less than worship??

And when I send platonic nudes, I know its a safe space to celebrate this Earth Ship my soul dwells in. I know I'll be received with praise and love and encouraging comments. I never need to be worried of "revenge porn" from a falling out or break up. I'm never worried about judgement or comparison.

Only Love.

SO send the fucking nudes. 

Send them when you're feeling FIRE, with your back arched perfectly and the most glamourous angle possible and the perfect lighting. 

Send them when the number of rolls of your soft tummy makes you giggle hysterically or sob dramatically.   

Send them when you're feeling perfectly imperfect. 

Oh darling, sweet BEings, you not only deserve to love yourself and be loved, it's your fundamental RIGHT as the Divine reincarnated. 

So send the fucking nudes <3