Healing Hands

"Healing Hands" 
•••Spray paint and acrylic on canvas. Infused with powdered selenite and Divine energies 💖🙏

~We all have the inherent ability of healing in our own hands. It's simply a question of if you choose to exercise these gifts ~

The studio was in need of an INTENSE cleansing. There was old, residual energy hanging around. It wasn't negative, but it wasn't mine. 

I brought home a large smudge stick, typically meant for outdoor use. A foot+ long, intended to smoke and smolder and last a great deal of time. 

I turned up the throat singing as loud as I could; it's my favourite soundtrack to just about ANYTHING. Sitting in the middle of the floor, I grounded myself and brought my conscious to the space it needed to be in. I slowly made my way around the studio, clockwise, paying special attention to corners, hidden spaces, and even MORE attention to the space behind the chimney. Something inside told me that that was where it was residing, this residual and strange energy. I placed black tourmaline in the four corners. I had infused powdered amethyst and selenite in the wall paint, and had forgotten about balancing with grounding energies. 

My body, mind, and spirit was in such a pure, grounded, and evolved state, painting only seemed natural. 

I set down a blank canvas, and closed my eyes. I promised my canvas that the first image to come to my head would be my gift.