Stepping Into Shamanism

I’m sitting creek side, out of service and deep down into Perry Creek. Stevie Nicks is playing behind me in the truck. Blankets, crystals, and a thoughtfully packed picnic basket sit beside me. The dogs roam freely, running, frolicking, and swimming with care free spirits of the wild.

My laptop feels heavy on my thighs as I try to find the words to write. There’s so much to process. Let alone the past few months, these past couple of weeks have been intense, thought provoking, eye opening, and facilitating. Moving out of my first shop space proved to be far more of a transition than I had anticipated. The universe took the “in” that it saw and promptly shoved me deep into the throws of self awareness and forced healing. I’ve never been extremely talented when it comes to listening to the universe, so it knew in order to make me stop and listen it had to be loud. It had to be such that I could no longer ignore it. It manifested in a prolonged license acquisition and my body giving up on me. Being forced to sit with myself and allow my body to heal made me face the questions I had been putting off exploring.

Where am I going? What do I need? What is it I need, want?

These questions had been going through my sub-conscience for a long time, but I was not allowing myself the time to process and search for the answers and possibilities. I had let my spiritual practice fall to the wayside, I had allowed the time for self care and inner healing to take a back seat. Not only was this detrimental to my mental and emotional health, but it had become an enemy of my physical health.

I was then offered an opportunity to play a part in the beginning of an extraordinary journey. My good friends, mentors, and soul family were taking their first steps to bring their healing to a wider audience and were needing bodies to help create some promotional footage. This was planned in the form of a shamanic ceremony at their favourite sacred space; a beautiful and isolated beach at one of the biggest lakes in our area.

I knew the ceremony wasn’t to be staged and would be full of heart and releasing. What I didn’t realise was how everything I have been going through was leading to this. Leading to the path that would start to bring me answers, that would resonate so deeply to know that if I follow the neon signs so blatantly set in front of me, peace would find me.

Angie and Morgan asked us to come close before we started our ceremony. In her gentle hands she held bits of cloth, rich in emerald green, and wound with twine. They thanked us for being present and allowing them to take us on their journey with them.

“This is you, fully stepping into your apprentice roles. And we are gifting you with your first Shamanic healing tool”

As we unwrapped our simply, but beautifully wrapped gifts, one large feather revealed itself in our hands. Coloured ribbon twisted around the stem. An Eagle feather. As if to say, “I see you. I got you”, a bald eagle soared above allowing us to soak in its medicine.

To say I was surprised, shocked even, would fall short of the words needed. We had been there for them, or so we thought. When really, whether they had realised it or not, they were there for us. But they always have been. Since meeting this power duo just short of a year ago, there was never an instance I felt they had their own intentions. Never once had I felt I could not tell them or trust them with anything. Never once have I spent a moment with them without learning something new, a new tool, or a broader perception.

I have been contemplating my role in this world for a long time. The tools I wish to bring in to it, the different directions I want to go in. The mediums in which I wish to express myself, and how to bring that into my daily work. There’s still so many questions and possibilities yet to explore, to answer. But now I feel I have the path to bring that enlightenment to my higher self.

Am I to become a Shaman? Will I choose to use that label? Am I to become the healer I have been shown I can be, that I am?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, nor do I think I wish to know. What I do know, is that I want, NEED, to follow this path. To follow this journey that has been laid out for me time and time again. To head the call of the universe that has been crying out to me for decades.

This is me, stepping into the shoes that have been waiting for me, that have been molded for me. The shoes that have been patiently holding on for me for lifetimes. They may be uncomfortable at first, they may cause blistering. There will be a period of time that I will need to break them in. But once I do, I can climb mountains.

Stepping into Shamanism.  

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