Blessed Is The Artist

Blessed is the artist.

For those who choose creative living,

Shall forever display for the world the scars of their passions.

To live life,

Bearing your soul on your sleeve,

Your hands, and in your hair,

Is to live a blessed life.


Blessed is the creator.

For those who choose to create,

Shall forever bring forth beauty to the world.

To give birth to new ideas,

To creativity, vitality;

To work collaboratively with inspiration,

Is to birth a gift.


Blessed is the writer.

For those who to choose to write,

Shall forever evolve the art of language.

To write of life,

Raising vibration through information,

Challenging old thought forms, and indulging,

Is to write your truth.


Blessed is the musician.

For those to choose to make music,

Shall forever strum the heart strings of the masses.

To translate sound,

To signal our vitals through frequency,

To evoke emotions, conversation, and distraction,

Is to speak for the mute.


Sacred are the art forms.

For those who choose to

Allow art to encapsulate their heart,

To swallow their being, and drown their mind;

For those who choose to

Put their vulnerability on public display,

Who dare to create, if only for their private pleasure;

For those who choose to

Challenge belief systems,

And bring to life private thoughts,

Will change the world.