My name is Kya, and I like trees. Like, a lot. In 2015 I moved into the heart of the forest and off the grid. Though a short drive from town, the change has brought my soul back to it's roots, re-learning what was once lost. Re-learning to listen to the whispers of the trees, the heart beat of the earth, and the companionship of the wild. This is my journey. 



n.1. One who is fond of forest or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods.

You may notice that this site sometimes strays from the "professional". For a long time I tried to separate my personal life from my professional. I separated myself from my business name in the name of "privacy" for years. But I now realize that I am my business, and I can no longer be the face BEHIND the business but rather be the face OF the business. Whether it be Tattoos, Paintings, or a Blog Post, I am an artist of many mediums, and that is a fact that will never change. To share these many art forms with the world is my Soul's Purpose, and I hope it is a gift in your world.

Life is Art, and Art is a journey. I hope you'll join me on mine ♥ - Kya J Dubois xo


Soul of the Boreal Founder, Shop Owner, Tattoo Artist, Visual Artist, and Creator

All equipment and supplies are 100% single use and I am health board certified and monitored.

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Kya Dubois

Kya Dubois is a self taught Tattoo & Visual Artist building her business in the beautiful East Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. 

Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Kya was artistic, creative, and imaginative straight from the womb.Her mother was always involved in many forms of support with the arts, and nurtured her daughters talents and interests through Fine Arts Schools and programs. Though growing up in a large city, Kya was always highly involved and invested in nature. Through many years of exploration, camping, and Scouts, Kya had plenty of nature outside of the concrete jungle, but it wasn't until she came with her parents to the small town of Cranbrook BC that she truly became surrounded by nature. 

Well over a decade since falling in love with small town life, Kya currently lives on an Off-Grid homestead in the middle of the forest wilderness just outside of Cranbrook, BC. Her wild spirit and Faerie heart are now nourished daily from the surrounding landscape, predators and wild animals that surround her home. Though this forest paradise chapter of her life is now coming to the end, the spirit of the wild will continue with her into the next chapter of her transformational life journey. 

Lucky enough to exist in the exact time and life that she has, Kya was able to make art not only her passion, but her business. Unable to find an apprenticeship in her small town, she found a crash course across the country willing to teach basics of the art of tattooing, as well as the hygienic logistics of tattooing. As soon as she could, she packed her things and headed to the other end of the country to learn the foundation of her practice. From there, it was an intense learning curve. Without the guidance of an apprenticeship, Kya spent long days, late nights, and countless hours practicing, growing, and researching the craft. Starting from scratch, she built her business from the ground up from a small room in her home, to her first downtown shop front, and finally to a private downtown studio. Though much of where she is now came from sweat, blood, and tears, she wouldn't nearly as successful now if it weren't for her ever supporting friends, families, and clients. Now she specializes in bright and colourful neotraditional inspired tattoos, tattoos that heal spiritually and emotionally, and unique designs. 

Being born an artist, her passion for art doesn't just start and end in tattooing. Kya has a strong and unyielding passion and need to create art in many mediums in an attempt (but unsuccessfully) quiet her mind and soul. A favourite medium of Kya's, is a mixture of spray paint and acrylic, but her mediums don't stop there. 

She has dabbled in jewelry making, bone and skull carving and art, bohemian home decor, and much more! And always incorporating crystals where she can, either as subject matter or physically. In fact, Kya mixed powdered crystals into her Acrylic paint for her creations. 

Much of Kya's work has spiritual influence. Mixing powdered crystals into her paint for energy, mixing ash from a Firewalk done in Mexico in her paint, painting energies, ideals, and spirits she encounters and interprets, or using art as a means of processing or connecting with the Collective, Kya is very open of her spirituality in her creations, that she hopes to share and connect with others through.